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Many things occur in the Bloodhound world that we hear little or nothing about. On this page we are going to attempt to bring you some of these things. If you have any stories, newspaper articles, actual experiences with a bloodhound that you would like to share with the other members of our organization, or for people who are considering a bloodhound as a new pet, please send them. Publication of articles, experiences, etc. will be at the discretion of the Directors and the Web Master.

INTRODUCING YOUR SPECIAL BLOODHOUND We will also be posting pictures of your
bloodhound buddy for everyone to see. We will ask for a donation of $10.00 to be submitted prior to publication. Please include the dogs name, age, location and your name as owner if you want us to publish your name as the proud owner. The pictures will remain on the web site for a 3 month period. Please send the picture via digital photo to In the subject line please note My Bloodhound Buddy.

MEMORIAL DONATIONS We will also continue to accept memorials donations made in the name of loved ones or departed friends. If you have a picture, that would be wonderful, send all pictures in digital format to and in the subject line please note memorial. Please include a short sentence or two about the hound or person you would like to honor. Memorial donations are what you feel you can afford. A memorial listing will also be included in the quarterly newsletter (no pictures or write up in the newsletter) Please send us the person or persons you would like notified of your donation to SEBR. The Memorial will remain on the site for approximately 3 months.

OTHER ITEMS We will occasionally bring you stories and photographs for special dogs that have come into rescue. We urge you to read their stories, look at their pictures and either rejoice with us on our success or cry about the cruelty the dog had to bear prior to coming into rescue. We will continue to follow up with current information on these special dogs in our quarterly newsletter.



Received a two page letter from Donna Murphy-Turner in regards to her dog Boone. She got this hound from Joyce when she was in charge of rescue and was very happy. Boone was her love. He passed away on  June 10th from cancer at the age of 11. He was born on Sept. 2, 2004. She sent a donation of 100.00 and asked that we put his info on the Memorial Web Site. She took him to Obedience and Tracking classes and he participated in many fundraisers including the Humane Society shows. Donation is in memory of Boone of Sandhills.

In Memory
A loving SEBR rescue hound who participated in classes and
fundraisers to help other dogs.
Boone brought much love and Joy to his Beloved owner
Donna Murphy-Turner


In Memory Archives