Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc. is a private charitable non profit rescue organization 501(c)3. SEBR is the regional rescue organization affiliated and approved by the American Bloodhound Club, Inc

Please print all information carefully and in legible form. 
Unreadable forms will be returned and delay processing.

I, ___________________________________________, as full authorized owner(s), hereby surrender the bloodhound known as ______________________________________, age __________ , sex ___________  Registration # if known__________________________      to Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, hereinafter referred to as SEBR, represented by the undersigned. I certify that this transfer has been agreed to by all co-owners. I hereby transfer full ownership, rights, and responsibility as of the date of acceptance by SEBR on page 3.  I fully understand that should the surrendered bloodhound be aggressive to humans or lethally aggressive to other animals, SEBR will euthanize the bloodhound being surrendered without notification to the undersigned.

Date Release completed:           ____________________________

Owner: _______________________________ Co-owner: ______________________________

Address: ______________________________ Address_________________________________

City: ____________ State: __ ZIP:________    City: ________________ State: __ ZIP: _______

Phone: ________________________________ Phone: _________________________________




Sex:________ Spayed/Neutered? _________  Breed or Type: ____________________________

Physical Appearance: ___________________________ Color: _________________________

Registration: _____________ ___________ White Markings: ___________________________

Tattoo: ____________________________ Scars or broken teeth: _______________________

Microchip #__________________________ What company___________________________

MEDICAL:Shots:__________________ Allergies? _____________ Heart Worm Tested _____ Results_______What prevention is the dog on__________(name and manufacturer)

Veterinarian: _________________________________ Phone: _________________________

Last Date seen by the Veterinarian________________________________________________

Does the pet like:Strangers? _____ Children? _____ Cats? _____Dogs? _____other animals___

Play? ___Car rides? ___Toys? ___ Elderly persons___(if no to any question, detail in comments)

HABITS: Housebroken? ________ Chewing? __________ Escape house or fence? _________

Digging? ______________ Tricks? ___________________How does the dog walk on a leash___________________________ What type of collar/Harness do you utilize____________


TEMPERMENT:(thoroughly explain )___________________________________________


Has the pet ever bitten anyone (Y/N)?: ___ Who? _______________ When? ______________

Why? ___________________________ Seriousness of bite? __________________________

Is the dog crate trained?___________________  Where does the dog sleep at night________________________________________________________________________

Where is the dog kept during the day when the owners are away_______________________

When the owners are at home___________________________________________________

Has the dog had any obedience training_______________what type and what was the result of that training___________________________________________________________________

Please note that no dog will be accepted until this completed application is in Rescues possession.  As soon as the surrender is received you will be contact.


Please send via e-mail to the address below good photographic pictures of the dog. Include at least on head shot and one side shot, showing the entire body of the dog.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  Please comment on your experience with your dog (Please include any information that a prospective new owner may need, both good and bad.  If additional space is needed, feel free to attach additional pages as necessary.)





































We/I hereby certify that we/I have full authority and rights to surrender the described dog to Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc.


Signature of Surrendering Owner____________________________________Date__________

Signature of Surrendering Co-Owner_________________________________Date__________

ACCEPTED BY ___________________________________Representative of SEBR Date__________________________________________________

MAIL COMPLETED RELEASE TO:  Southeast Bloodhound Rescue

                                                             Leanne Dayvolt