Home Check Evaluation

Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc. is a private charitable non profit rescue organization 501(c)3. SEBR is the regional rescue organization affiliated and approved by the American Bloodhound Club, Inc.
Please print all information carefully and in legible form. 
Unreadable forms will be returned and delay processing.

When performing a home check for Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc., please answer all questions as factually and objectively as possible. 

Date Performed: __________________________

Adoptive Family:___________________________________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: _______________________________________________________

Home Phone with Area Code: _________________________________________________

Work Phone with Area Code: _________________________________________________

Home Check Performed by: __________________________________________________

Home Checker’s City/State: __________________________________________________

Home Checker’s Telephone Number: ___________________________________________


Does the Adoptive Family’s home appear to be “pet friendly”?


Does Adoptive Family have a securely fenced yard? _____ Yes   ______ No (check one)

Is so, please give the approximate size of yard and type/height of fencing:


Does Adoptive Family currently have any pets? _____YES ______NO  (check one)

If yes what kind:


Were they indoor or outdoor pets? _____________________________________________

Did these pets appear to be well cared for? ______ Yes   ______ No (check one)


Was any type of aggression noted in any of the currently owned pets? _____ Yes _____No

If Yes, please describe:


Are living conditions environmentally safe for a companion dog? (i.e., toxins easily available, children mild-mannered, etc)?   ______ Yes ______ No (Check one)

If no, explain:











Please return this application to: Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, Inc.

Leanne Dayvolt