Rip Van Wrinkle


UPDATE 6/14/06 RIP passed over the rainbow bridge last night after spending at least 6 happy and loved months with Southeast bloodhound Rescue. Rip has been laid to rest by Vicki and Mike Grizzell. He was only with us for a short time, but at least we know that that short time was a happy and loving time for him. He will be missed by his senior companions and the rest of the SEBR crew that took an interest in him. He will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for one of us so he can greet us.


Meet  "Rip Van Wrinkle".  He was taken into rescue at the end of the year.   He is estimated to be 9 or 10 years of age, no front teeth ,probably from chewing on a wire crate or cement.  As we usually don't "take in" un-adoptable dogs, this guy got to everyone one and we decided it was going to be our Christmas and New Years Present to him to give him a warm and comfortable and happy home for whatever time he has left.  He is too old to be offered for adoption, he will remain with one of our Directors  unless someone really special comes along to give him the love and affection he deserves for the last few years of his life.


UPDATE:  5/28/06  He is doing well, but the heat is not his best friend, and takes a toll on his energy. He loves to go into the big yard and stand in the kiddie pools and we hope to get him his own personal kiddie pool soon. He enjoys being around the other dogs, but then wants his quiet time with the other seniors. Still is enjoying what life has to offer him and his foster Mom and Dad are taking really good care of him along with his own personal vet who has taken him on as a personal responsibility.

Updated pictures of a happy life!

Many thanks to Betsy and Vicki









Upon arrival to SEBR