Pebbles was adopted by a very special family from Florida, she has been off the actual adoption list for awhile as she came up HW positive and received treatment and Dawn Giles could not decide if she wanted to let her go. After much talking and everything else that goes into this business, Dawn and her husband Scott decided that Pebbles could be offered for adoption, but only to a very special home where she would be the "queen dog"  Well after almost a year, we found that special home for her.  She took immediately to her new Mom, rode home in the front seat with her head on her new Mom's lap from Melborne Florida to Mulberry FL on the other side of the state.  This is the same dog that had the litter of pups by BamBam all of which have been adopted as well.  Pebbles came to us on September 29th 2004 as a stray pick up from the Augusta County Georgia Shelter along with BamBam.