Queenie with her new family in South Carolina



LEFT:  the Trask children with (from left to right):  Dixie, foster Ladybug and Queenie

RIGHT:  Queenie, 15 months after rescue, continues to enjoy the good life (and her foster mom's bed)

  Queenie, one of the Georgia Girls (estimated age 6-7 years) rescued from the Effingham County Shelter in Savannah, Georgia on Mother's Day in 2000, has been adopted by her foster family.  Queenie May” as she is affectionately known by her new family, was fostered the second week of May be the Westbrooks/Trask family of Johns Island, SC.  Mary Westbrook and her daughter, Donna Trask share their home with Donna’s three daughters.  Prior to Queenie’s arrival, this family had already taken in an abused bloodhound (Dixie) and a mixed breed (Runt) who was also the victim of an abusive home.  Queenie was ‘officially adopted’ by the family on May 16th and has already bonded with the entire group to become a permanent family member.  She sleeps on the bed and is turning into a real ‘lap dog’.  She enjoys all of the attention she is receiving and has turned into a wonderful pet.  Queenie is a loving and affection dog who now ‘owns’ three young girls.  No matter how long she lives, Queenie May will have a loving family and perhaps make up for what she went through in her earlier years.