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Our organization is always in need of expanding our volunteer network. If you would like to help, please fill out the Information and Interest Form and send it to our Director. We also have expanded our volunteer network to include volunteers in other areas. The following are some of the positions that we need help filling:  Interest & Info form

SHORT TERM FOSTER CARE: DESPERATELY NEEDED Up to 4 weeks until we can make arrangement for a long term foster care. Short term foster is needed in order to get the dogs out a dangerous situations in shelters, previous homes that can no longer care for them, and many other reasons to numerous to list.

LONG TERM FOSTER CARE: DESPERATELY NEEDED for those willing to share their homes with a bloodhound who is looking for that forever home. To help evaluate the dog, help the dog to learn that people are good and that there is love in this world.

TRANSPORTATION: for those people who cannot keep a dog or another dog in their home, but want to help. Help to move dogs from shelters into foster homes, short term foster into long term foster, and from foster homes to forever home. We look also for people who are going to shows, conformation and obedience and man-trailing conferences/exercises that may have an open space in their car for one of our rescues.

Other available volunteer position, PLEASE SEE THE I&I SHEET FOR A COMPLETE LIST Home Checks Willing to interview and visit with prospective adopters to insure that there are proper facilities for a bloodhound and to be sure that the individuals know what they are getting into. Telephone Work - Volunteers are needed to do reference checks on prospective adopters, to call and locate low cost spay & neuter clinics, arrange transports. Please call us about phone card availability. Equipment and Supply Donations Donations of any dog related items are always needed. We especially need food donations, leashes, collars, dog beds, crates, stainless steel food and water bowls, nail clippers, etc. FUNDING: Monetary donations to cover the cost of medical care, emergencies, shelter fees, and other expenses incurred. Southeast Bloodhound Rescue is a 501(c)3 public charity and your donation maybe tax deductible. SEBR has a pay pal account for donations for you use.


For other information on helping SEBR, please contact our Directors or State Coordinators.