Donate Your Time – Volunteer!

Southeast Bloodhound Rescue is ALWAYS in need of volunteers.


Can you spare a space in your home for a homeless bloodhound?  There’s no big skill set that’s required to foster bloodhounds….just compassion and a willingness to love these dogs and help them transition between their former circumstances and their forever homes.  When the economy is poor, scores of dogs are turned in to shelters.  Since their space is always limited, shelters have to adopt them out, get them to a rescue group like Southeast Bloodhound Rescue, or euthanize them.   Far too often, we have to turn bloodhounds away when we don’t have enough foster homes to care for them.  The more foster homes we have, the more hounds we can take in.  Are you interested in fostering?  Please fill out our foster home application.


We also need volunteers to help transport dogs from shelter to foster home and from foster home to forever home. When the distance to be traveled is long, transports can require multiple legs covered by different volunteers.  If you can transport or help with transportation, please fill out our SEBR Volunteer Information and Interest Form.


We need volunteers to assist with planning transports, checking references for applicants, and many other tasks.


And we ALWAYS need donations.  We are an all-volunteer group that can’t cover medical expenses with adoption donations….can you spare a few dollars to help these dogs?  Click here to donate.

Please let us know how you would like to volunteer by filling out our SEBR Volunteer Information and Interest Form on the Forms page.

Thank you for your support!