In Memory of Fin

In memory of Fin

2008 – 2020

From Molly Nye: “Fin was my very best friend who is sorely missed. He was a wonderful companion and truly was the example of the word joy. Fin had a rough start in life and had a debilitating birth defect but nothing stopped him. He was my most favorite mantrailing partner, he enjoyed doing obedience and as he aged he was such an endearing, sweet old soul. No day goes by without a lump in my throat when I think of my Fin. The 12yrs of his life of us together will be cherished forever and ever.”

A generous donation was made to Southeast Bloodhound Rescue in honor of Fin, and we are very grateful to be able to honor his memory in this way.  Some of us at Southeast Bloodhound Rescue had the pleasure of meeting dear sweet Fin, and a more fitting memorial could not have been written.  Rest in peace, dear Fin.


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