In memory of Hank


A generous donation was made to Southeast Bloodhound Rescue by Ms. Elizabeth Apoian in memory of Hank the bloodhound who is loved and missed by the Roth family.  Ms. Apoian stated, “Our memory of Hank lives on – galloping across the living room with powerful haunches, the plentiful jowls, the powerful tail swaying back and forth like the mighty oak in a strong gust of wind, and the kind and loving heart bigger than even his head-wrinkle. He loved his family – his parents, brothers James and Scooter, sisters Lucy and Dolly, and the reptiles, including his namesake, Hank Jr., and the others. As Hank lives on in our hearts, you all will stay in our thoughts and prayers.”

Ms. Anna Roth added this memory of Hank: “Hank was a gentle giant that thought he was a lap dog. He loved his human siblings and protected and watched over them until the day he passed away. He was slobbery, stinky, loud, and big, but his heart was the biggest thing about him. He loved every person he ever met.”

We cannot think of a better statement for such a beautiful hound.


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