New fundraiser items available for purchase

We’ve had several donations made to rescue as fun items for fundraising. You can find out more about them in the fundraiser section of our website! There are some pretty unique things there for dog lovers in general as well as some pretty cool bloodhound stuff!


2 thoughts on “New fundraiser items available for purchase

  1. I would like to add you all to my contact list of rescue groups for the Bloodhound breed. Can’t find your address/contact names and phone numbers, or e-mail address.

    Judy Bishop
    Friends of the Animals in Kansas
    (785) 862-0234

    1. Dear Ms. Bishop,
      Our contact is by email at We do not have a business site of operations as we are completely staffed by volunteers who do not wish to put their home addresses on our website. I hope this helps!
      Alexis (webmaster)

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