The Pandemic and Your Pup

Note: It is NOT safe for dogs to wear masks.

Southeast Bloodhound Rescue hopes that everyone is staying healthy and safe during the pandemic. Please note that the photo attached to this post was taken just for fun and that dogs should NOT wear masks.  For dogs, masks are a safety hazard because your pooch could chew or eat a mask, and this could result in serious injury to your dog.

Contrary to popular myth, bloodhounds are active dogs and require exercise just like their humans do.  Most dog activities can be done with adequate social distancing, and Southeast Bloodhound Rescue recognizes the importance of wearing a mask according to CDC guidelines.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, so Southeast Bloodhound Rescue is posting some ideas that can help you and your pup manage these strange and scary times.

Take walks with your bloodhound.  It is great exercise for them, and it is nice to get outside when possible.

It is important to keep bloodhounds on a leash because, if your bloodhound catches an interesting scent, she is likely to take off after it and may simply not hear your calls to come back.

Take your bloodhound to a fenced-in dog park.

This can be great exercise for your bloodhound as well as great socialization with other dogs.


If you have someone who is willing to be a runner, mantrailing is great fun for your bloodhound as well as good exercise for the entire group.  Some basics of how to get started with mantrailing are available on the internet.  Type in “mantrailing”, “training” and/or “bloodhound” to find resources.

Playing fetch

OK, yes, we know that bloodhounds are great at running after toys and balls that are thrown for them, but maybe they aren’t so good at bringing it back to you.  That’s ok.  Some of us have found that two toys can serve the purpose of exercise and bonding with your hound just as well.  Throw the first toy, watch your bloodhound run after it, and then when they have it, throw the second toy.  While your bloodhound is getting the second toy, go over and pick up the first toy.  Repeat.

Doggie day care

Many cities offer doggie day care services, and these can be great ways for your dog to get exercise and socialization with other dogs.  While these services are not free, they can be a great way for your pup to exercise while you get some other things done.


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